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Industrial Applications O2
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IGA N2/O2 Generators -
Gas production according to your needs
Gas generators allow you to be independent from the traditional procurement and distribution of some industrial gasses : You can become consumer and producer in one person. Every kind of supply bottleneck is omitted. Annoying dispositions and order omissions are a thing of the past. Troublesome bottle-handling is no longer an issue for you!

Purity and achievement made to measure

With a generator you finally become you own gas producer. You can generate gas in the purity necessary for your purpose, and therefore do not have to pay for “over-purity.” With purity up to 99.999%, our IGA-GAS® generators are ideal for a multitude of applications.

The system’s advantages at a glance

  • Always available, therefore independant of distributors
  • Disposition and supply bottlenecks are omitted
  • No storage necessary
  • N2 – purity according to your individual needs – thus especially economical
  • High reliability in function
  • No product loss through storage
  • No transportation costs, no complex rent calculations

Minimal maintenance and supervision

With the exception of the compressor, N2 / O2 Generators have no moving parts. Problem-free in the handling, they exhibit a high industrial safety and only require minimal maintenance and control. They are usually light, compact and simple to install, also on existing conduit systems. Reliable and consistent, they can be used for a large variety of operational requirements.
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