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IGA-GAS® Dry Ice - Areas of application or,
when is Dry Ice used?

The special characteristics of dry ice allow for versatile application possibilities in commerce.

Examples of application possilbilities and areas of use:

  • Transportation of chilled or frozen products.
  • Catering for airplanes, trains, hospitals etc.
  • Food industry: direct cooling of products-for example, the cooling of dough.
  • Chemical Industry and laboratories: for the production of cooling baths, for crystallisation processes and to sink the temperature in chemical reactions, for cold-grinding.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: for maintaining low transportation temperatures (for example, in transporting valuable serums).
  • Metallurgy: for testing of materials for cold-shrinking, and for hardening.
  • General industrial applications: partial pipe or tubing freezing for revision purposes (maintenance inspection).
  • Plastics industry: for deburring parts of rubber molds.
  • Winery: to separate out tartar.
  • Agricutural enterprises: for the production of quality silage and pest control in grain silos.
  • Cleaning procedure: the „cool“ jet-cleaning with dry ice.
  • Entertainment industry: special effects in theatrical performances and in discotheques.

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