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IgagasWhat is IGA-GAS® dry ice?

Dry ice is carbon dioxide (usually called carbonic acid commercially) in solid form. The designation „dry“ refers to its characteristic of evaporating without melting, respectively without liquefying.

Dry ice and its characteristics
Pressure and temperature determine the form of carbonic acid: the gaseous, liquid or solid state of aggregation. Dry ice evaporates directly, without melting, that is to say without liquefying. Carbon Dioxide is one of the few gasses that can take on solid form. The cooling capacity of dry ice when heated up from -78,5 °C (-195,15 K) to 0 °C (273,15 K) amounts to approximately 640kJ/kg, this corresponds to about three times the cooling capacity of conventional ice. Possibly the more important advantage of dry ice is that nothing remains after it evaporates, which is not the case with normal ice. By supplying heat, dry ice converts immediately into a gaseous state. No liquid, that could damage your chilled product or its packaging, can develop. Furthermore, dry ice is:

  • oderless and tasteless
  • bacteria restaining
  • non-toxic
  • non-flammable
  • inert
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