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The IGA-GAS® company offers products and services in the area of gas generators, innovative gas technology, gases, and dry ice.
Like every individual person, a company exhibits a completely particular personality. Associated with a company’s personality are its inner and outer appearance, its technology, its products and performance, how customers and distributors are handled, the interactional behavior of company members, their families, and much more. With all the market demands and the rigorous performance competition, we consider it very important to incorporate a high measure of humanity into all of our dealings.
A company’s culture, its distinctiveness, is becoming more and more the essential competitive advantage in our fast-living time. All of these factors should ensure the foundation for pleasant, humane and peaceful cooperative working conditions, and job security for all parties involved.

Heading into an unknown future, we orient ourselves towards goals and values.

Our goal is to establish ourselves as a competent, reliable, fair, and strong future-oriented business partner. Through our pronounced sense of quality and responsibility, our commitment and willingness to change for future’s sake, we would like to strengthen our marketability in Austria.

We can achieve this goal by not allowing ourselves to be outperformed by the competition, when it comes to quality in performance, customer loyalty, customer service, innovative solutions, and excellence in humanity.

Our guidelines are intended to direct us in our course of action and to be the leading principle for following our goals. We at IGA-GAS®, always showing respect to both man and environment, continue to take on new challenges in international and national relations as well as in progressing high technical and qualitative standards.

The acknowledgment of our guiding principles as a common purpose by all IGA GAS® employees represents an indispensable condition for how and when we achieve this goal. We all wish to strive each day anew to act accordingly, and thus, as per our best knowledge and conscience, to help shape and answer for our common future.

The guidelines of IGA GAS® comprise 7 guiding principles. Derived from these principles, the secondary and binding directives hold us to our basic approach to the most important issues in our business ventures.

1. We are oriented to the customer

Central to all of our efforts are market-conformed, individual solutions to problems. Customer requirements are thereby orientation and the measure of quality. With this in consideration and through our service, it is our uppermost objective to offer our customers maximum benefits for a fair price. We are aware of the fact that our customers facilitate our jobs and salaries, yet we try to see the relationship to customers and suppliers as a partnership. Therefore, the customer or potential customer is the pivotal issue for all of our deliberations and efforts. We associate with our customers in a considerate, honest, open, veritable, and reliable way. The object of all of our actions is the expansion of our market position through partnership-based actions.

We are dynamic in dealing with our customer requirements, as long as these do not contradict our principles. When fulfilling customer requirements, we strive to remain just to the responsibility to our staff, to the law and to the environment. Our system of quality management is practiced as change management, underlying the continual endeavors for steady improvement.

With an order confirmation from our company, we assure that our customers can trust 100% on the fixed delivery and date. Should there be a postponement for which we are not responsible, we still feel fully authorized to fulfill the contract, even if we do not have the capacity or full capacity at our disposal at this point in time. In this case, we will consult with the customer and the supplier, and find a customer-specific solution.

According to our customers, we have competent professionals available, in order to guarantee a reliable basis for the planning stage. The planning process occurs in complete agreement and coordination with the customer. The objective is that punctual scheduling and professionally sound project-planning take place.

We would like “the best “(benefits) for our customers, and not only „their best” (money).

2. We rely on our staff.

Our employees are fundamental to our success. This success is born by qualification, commitment and flexibility. It is enhanced through independent, innovative and individually responsible actions. By systematic human resources development, we understand the combination of entrepreneurial and personal interests. We encourage individual willingness to learn for developing personality beyond that of the specific area of activity.

We are a service company. Therefore, the interaction between customer, staff member and supplier is especially important. The IGA-GAS® employee has a central part in this field of interplay. This person if the main resource of the company. For that reason, we attach particular importance to a purposeful and continual course of training for our employees, both in the technical and in interpersonal areas.

In our sector of services, it is sometimes necessary to work on weekends for customer-specific reasons. However, we will not, under any circumstances, make demands on our employees. Each and every staff member has a right to free time for rest and relaxation. If an employee in any way feels that too much is being asked of him/her, then it should be brought to the attention of his/her superior. Every employee’s self-determination and freedom will be maintained and encouraged. There must be a reasonable balance between company operations and personal interests.

For operational and management planning and decisions, and in consideration towards both our customers and suppliers, as well as towards our employees, we aim for satisfactory results for both sides in each case. It is not in our interest to make decisions under pressure. We work towards a dedicated and fair coexistence with our staff members. As far as we are concerned, direct poaching of employees is out of the question. Cutthroat competition with our competitors is not a part of our business policy.

3. We take loyalty and performance seriously.

We at IGA-GAS® place singular value on performance and loyalty, above all towards our customers. Well-balanced price-performance ratios, and the dedication to quality, contracts, and delivery and date reliability, are factors that our customers can absolutely count on. We offer all those customers, who rely on a working cooperation with us, efficiency in performance, dependability and consistency. Our responsibility towards our employees is of great importance to us, in order to have, through performance-based work, steady jobs available. Here, too, we aspire for a longstanding and reliable cooperation. That is why we feel it is very important to have satisfied employees. Essential to our performance-ability and our performance-quality is a constant staff.

We do not engage in fraudulent business practices, and will not tolerate their use in the cooperation with our customers and suppliers. We account only for services rendered. We will not overcharge for any changes in contractual services, but invoice a fair price that has been mutually agreed upon. We do not generate and demand dubious prices, whether in times of economic recession or boom.
From our employees and our suppliers, we expect the same fairness, honesty and straightforwardness that we practice with our customers. In our firm, anyone who tries for personal benefits beyond those accorded to him/her (e.g. company capital, office supplies, instruments, machines, working hours, etc.) will be held accountable, and can expect legal repercussions. Of course, this holds true to the company grounds of our customers as well.

4. We take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously.

On all our locations, responsibility in social, moral and environmental issues is highly rated. We aim to minimize all possible health and safety risks within our sphere of influence. Promoting environmental awareness is to us a concern that goes beyond business activities. Using renewable and reusable raw materials is a priority for us, and we make the most of the knowledge we have acquired in this area. Our responsibility to our environment is also justified by the fact that our disposals are carried out professionally.

5. We act with foresight.

By continually integrating our activities into the business world around us, we are able to recognize changes early on and become active based on the foresight gained. The development of new products and technologies is of great importance to us. We are open to world-wide partnerships in order to strengthen our position.

6. We promote creative freedom.

In a climate of openness, we repeatedly make demands on ourselves. All our employees’ constructive criticism and the courage to take responsible risks open the door to the future. We promote initiative action from each person, and are eager to improve that which exists, as well as to create something new. Our employees are encouraged to offer suggestions for improvement, and the economic efficiency of each suggestion is duly acknowledged. With the awareness of the fact that in taking a new direction mistakes can be part of finding the solution, we are able to expand the creative freedom for everyone.

7. We maintain contact with the public.

An open exchange of ideas builds trust. Our information is factual, veritable and ongoing. We respect outside opinions, seek communication and also examine controversial issues.

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