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IgagasThe IGA-GAS® Company...

offers a product range in gas generators, innovative gas technology, gases and dry ice.

The IGA-GAS® company is a leading international corporation in the production of nitrogen and oxygen generators. For over two decades, we have been focusing on application technology. Special consideration is given to those industrial segments in which process cycles and production product refinements are achieved by means of industrial gases. Because we are continually optimizing our process operations, the industrial gases produced by our on-site gas generating plants have a purity within the range of 98%-99.9999% and equipment performance of up to 6000 Nm3. IGA GAS® on-site supplies fulfill all HACCP guidelines in the desired operational areas.

Additionally IGA GAS® offers you support in the optimization of your quality management. In the most diverse operational areas of industrial gases, our product range offers a monitoring capability as well as adherence to the standards you need.

Consultation with our customers is a priority for us. You name your requirements, and we inform you in detail about the different possibilities for reaching your ideal goal. Our power spectrum incorporates not only all steps of project engineering up to completion, respectively setup and initial operation , but also our service technicians are available to you from then on for the servicing and maintenance of your system.

In order to fulfill the needs of our customers in various ways, IGA GAS® created a dry ice production with a singular order and delivery system. Our dry ice, produced fresh daily, conforms to the ultimate requirements and fulfills all internationally certified standards. In our online shop both industrial customers as well as customers from the private sector are able to order dry ice easily. Naturally, we offer our usual IGA GAS® service also in this area.

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